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Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 5

By Christian Rico in Missions Ministry 8 months ago | 3383 views Link:


Day five highlights the work of IMB missionaries working with refugees in Europe.

                                                      The Forgotten Refugee

Don Alan* says he remembers a refugee telling him once that he didn’t feel alive, but he wasn’t dead either—he was somewhere in between.

“Hopelessness is a universal feeling among refugees,” Don said. “They feel forgotten.” That’s why IMB missionaries like Don (name change for security purposes), who serves in North Africa and the Middle East, and Seth Payton*, who works with refugees in Europe, spend their lives taking hope into those hopeless places.

  1. PRAY for God to meet refugees in their pain with the hope of the gospel.
  2. PRAY for people to feel God’s call to share Christ with refugees in the United States and abroad.

Please take some time to watch this video to think of some other ways to pray, or be involved.

Thank you,


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