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Moldova Cabins Update!!

Greetings Church family,

May we celebrate in God’s faithfulness for providing the support needed to fund the cabins for KBC Ministry! We have exceeded the original goal, which goes to show God blesses more abundantly than we can even imagine!

Thank you to those who donated, because of your generosity, our team will now be able to get all the materials needed to complete the cabins. Just a reminder, our team will be in Moldova September 22nd-30th, so please continue to pray for their safety and effectiveness during their travels.

Blessings to all

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Vicki Wetherbee

This is amazing to me.  Our people have poured out generosity this week even greater than usual. 

Matthew Levant

What a joy it is to serve our King and extend the borders of His Kingdom with this faith family. I love being part of a church that’s on mission!

Andy Davis

Thank you, church family.  What a blessing!! Thank you for your generosity.

David Wilson

That is fantastic. We have a wonderful church.

Shanon Gish

Thank you, church family!  I can only imagine the amount of ministry that can now be continued there.

Franklin Scott

Thank you for supporting our mission partners in Moldova! It is my prayer that more of our church family would have the opportunity to engage in short term mission projects in Moldova.

Susan Cain

Praising God and rejoicing in His provision for Moldova! 

Jack Riley (FB)

Praise the Lord for His church, FBC Belton, Texas on mission. Looking forward to the report of those who went to Moldova. Praying for their safe return

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