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Caring for Children in Our Community

By Tracy O'Banon in First Baptist Belton 7 months ago | 8205 views Link:
When we know the specific and immediate needs of children, especially children in crisis, we can respond accordingly and make a difference in their lives in tangible and meaningful ways.  We can also be aware of how to pray for them even after their needs are met.
CarePortal is a ministry initiative of The Global Orphan Project.  CarePortal brings the needs of hurting children and families in our community to our attention. CPS caseworkers uncover the needs and CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them/us a real-time opportunity to respond.
I am excited about this opportunity to share these needs with you, the church body, and see how the Lord will use us to serve children in our community.  In the days ahead, as you see these needs posted, please pray about how you may respond, whether that’s helping to meet a physical need or praying for these children and their families. 
If you have any questions about CarePortal, or would like to know more about how you can serve children in foster care in our community, please let me know!

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Jenny Hartsock

Count me in, Tracy! However we can help… we will do the best we can!

Emily Golden

So glad you’ve gotten our church involved with this. Thank you Tracy for all you do!

Mary McDaniel

Tracy, thank you for coordinating this. I am available for confidential prayer requests.

Jeannette Kelley

Tracy, thank you for being the connection to this ministry. Count me as one available to help.

Rebekah Mills

I’d be interested in hearing needs as well

Sara Hector

Garland and I will assist… so happy that this ministry is being implemented.

Jayne Bledsoe

IIwould be interested in helping if IIcan. Thank you for this new ministry and outreach.

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